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We Stand United!

April 9, 2020

We Stand United with all Retirement Communities. Retirement Residences, globally, are filled with staff who are going in everyday to care for seniors who need our support.

As we all face the fears & uncertainties of COVID-19, the everyday employees of your local Retirement Homes & Long Term Care facilities are hard at work maintaining the highest level of care and preventative protocols to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe and healthy.  Sadly, despite the extraordinary measures we take, the virus has penetrated some of our communities.  This is a devastating result for those who have been affected.

The staff at Royal Henley Retirement Community would like to express our whole-hearted support for our colleagues throughout the industry.  While we can only imagine the fear and anxiety you must be feeling, we are well aware that your exceptional commitment to your residents will continue regardless of the tribulations you are experiencing with the infection of your homes.


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