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Royal Henley Angels are taking flight in making sleeping mats out of plastic bags for the homeless

October 25, 2019

The Royal Henley Angels are making sleeping mats for the homeless in St. Catharines, made out of plastic bags. The group consists of 12 ladies, who meet every week to cut and weave the plastic bags into beautiful mats! The ladies started this project in February and have been going strong ever since. On average, it takes 120 hours to complete one mat. One of the founding members of the group said, “I get to help someone who has nothing. I look around at how much I have and I cry.” Laura, another founding member, said, “It is a great feeling knowing that you are helping someone who truly needs it.” The ladies see this initiative as a great alternative way to recycle plastic bags. Last month, the ladies reached out to Mark Wenham of Mark’s No Frills on Lake Street in St. Catharines. Mark generously assisted the women and provided bags for the cause. We would also like to thank Brad Hart for helping the ladies construct the frame used to make the mats. It takes 500 to 700 bags to make each mat and the ladies, to date, have made 14 mats! One of the Royal Henley Angel’s said, “With every weave and every line, we think of those we are helping. It is not work for us. It is a pleasure to help.”

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