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National Rescue a Dog Day

June 7, 2022
Did you know Friday May 20th was National Rescue a Dog Day? Residents were surprised with a visit from the St.Catharines Humane Society and a furry adoptable friend name Black Beauty who came to them 3 weeks ago. Residents had the opportunity to ask questions and learn how The Lincoln County services the pets they take in.
We wanted to share some close to home stories of residents, family members and staff who have had the opportunity to rescue:
✨ Larry rescued Toby 3 weeks ago. Toby is a Golden Retriever who is 10 years old. They are the best of friends!
✨ A resident adopted Salem 7 years ago from the SPCA. He is now 17 years old and they are inseparable.
✨ Our Lifestyle Coordinator Lauren rescued Harley from The Humane Society in March. “I love boxers and after rescuing my last boxer Bo in 2010 from the SPCA I knew I would continue to rescue. The truth is we don’t really rescue our dogs (animals)…they rescue us”.

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