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Living List – Making wishes come true!

June 2, 2018

More and more we hear about peoples bucket lists.  At The Royal Henley we like to call it accomplishing things on your Living List.  Signature Living Retirement Communities like The Royal Henley make opportunities for our resident’s wishes to come true;  turning lifetime wishes into reality.  Once again, this year we have selected a few lucky residents to help make their Living List come true.

Abracadabra, a magical wish granted! Bette’s wish to be a magician’s assistant came true as Danny Zzzz fascinated us at The Royal Henley.  Bette was part of the show as she helped levitate a table high above the crowd.

The second wish was granted to Joyce, who has always wanted to take her family to Italy.  Joyce was not able to go to Italy so we brought Italy to her.  She was so surprised to see her whole family, the dining room decorated with the colours of Italy and a delicious Italian meal.  She had a warm and welcoming entrance with hugs and kisses from all the great grandchildren.

Up, up and away.  Peter and Diana with smiles all around, were flying high above the beautiful country side in a hot air balloon.  This ride and wish were graciously sponsored by Remax Integra.

The Royal Henley management and staff are always looking forward to working with our residents to fulfill their wishes.  It’s a great feeling to help turn lifetime wishes into reality.  Stay tuned to see what wishes we are helping make come true next!


Bette helps levitate a table above the crowd!

Smiles and waves as Peter and Diana float up, up and away.

Checkout the remax face book page to see the balloon take flight.

Joyce is enjoying her family Italian Dinner, with love & hugs all around from the great grand children.

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