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Change can be hard, but it does not have to be!  

February 6, 2020

Are you considering downsizing and moving to The Royal Henley Retirement Community or The Rennie Seniors Apartments but find the process overwhelming?  See below for some tips that Marketing Managers Krista & Jessica find helpful for people just like YOU!


  1. Set realistic Goals. In our experience we feel you should start the process sooner rather than later. Set a realistic goal of when you would like to make a move so you can take your time sorting each room of your home item by item. This will ensure you do not get overwhelmed and discouraged.
  2. Allow yourself to process and reminisce the items you are sorting. The items that bring you joy will be put into the keep pile and the ones that do not will be put in the other pile. Inviting children and grandchildren to assist you may also allow you to allocate heirlooms to the people of your choice. This process will promote sharing stories and family bonding about old memories before you make new memories in your new home!
  3. Only pack the “keep pile”. We suggest it is best to sort through your items with the mentality of I would like to “keep this” and “not keep this”. This will help you visualize what you are bringing with you and what you are not. This will ensure you are not moving unnecessary items or things that simply do not fit. Moving items you do not need can cause later frustrations. Involving a friend/family member or a Transition Specialist can help you make some difficult decisions.
  4. Plan furniture placement in your new suite. Book an appointment to visit with Krista and Jessica to take measurements in your suite so you can ensure what you have decided to bring will indeed fit. We encourage this process and have found that people who do spend the time furniture placement planning do settle in very nicely.
  5. Decide who is doing the physical move. You will need to decide if you have friends/family to help move you or if you’re hiring a company to do the move for you. There are benefits to either so make the decision that feels best for YOU!

At The Royal Henley we offer various suite designs that consist of Studio, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom + Den and 2 Bedrooms. The Rennie suite designs consist of 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedrooms. We would be more than happy to sit down with you one on one to discuss the process and how we can help YOU! If you feel downsizing is a bigger job than you can handle on your own, Marketing Managers Krista & Jessica would be more than happy to recommend a Transition Specialist who can help you.


If you are interested in learning more and would like to see our Model Suites call Krista & Jessica TODAY at 905-935-1800.

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